Go Local was a client based in Southsea, whose goal is to support local business and offer savings for their customers.

Their aim is to get the ‘locals’ of Portsmouth to get back to their roots and support the hardworking, hidden gems of our great city.

Please note: the design, functionality and usability may have been changed since the project was completed.


From Concept to Creation

Go Local reached out to Carrot Top Marketing to create a website for their new business. They required an easy to navigate and use, modern, approachable site, with a clear focus on user experience and engagement, that allowed potential customers to sign up to their membership card and start making savings on their restaurant bills, as well as helping to promote local businesses.

But, the key here was to design a site that was easy to navigate, with a clear layout and direct call-to-actions to either become a member or partner.

Their main goal was a two pronged attack – Firstly they have a strong emphasis and focus on supporting local. This is a big element that they wanted to show throughout the site and brand. Showcasing all of the local businesses they are partnering with.

The second element of the business is the ‘Savings’ for the customer. They wanted a seamless website that would allow customers to pay a monthly subscription to the Go Local Card that would allow customers to use with these businesses. The goal here was to make the site as autonomous as possible, as they will be going for volume traffic.

With contact details in the footer, a direct link to email and contact forms on a majority of the site, there’s many ways for people to get in touch with the team.

To improve the design and add an element of interactivity, we included videos across hero sections and hotspots on the images of the sales page that, when interacted with, open up an instructional video showing more about the defibrillator in question.

The website is protected against spam through the addition of Google reCAPTCHA, lowering the risk of bots from submitting fake forms on their website.

Finally, by working with the team, Go Local now have a strong PPC campaign in place with a clear focus and demographic to generate their leads.

Carrot Top Marketing did a great job of not only creating our website how we wanted it to be, but also gave us great insight on what they believed will help boost sales. Their proven experience and excellence is the reason why our company would recommend Carrot Top Marketing to anyone who is looking to create a customised website

Oliver Finch


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